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Deep Socket

how do you change the shifter shaft bushings on a 1974 Harley Davidson sportster? The engine is on the bench, the trap door is out and the chain & sprocked cover are off. The gearcase has to be opened up … Continue reading

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how did mayhew come to this conclusion? Foundations of the American Character class.. response paper According to jonathan mayhew that the idea that god would command huge numbers of people to be subject to the whims of a single person … Continue reading

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Electrical Testers

What does it mean when an electrical tester indicates that the ground and neutral are reversed? Additionally, what do the terms “open ground”, “open neutral”, and the like mean? The reversed scenario means that somewhere in the circuit a ground … Continue reading

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Torx Wrench

Xbox quit working after coke spill? My xbox quit working after coke was spilled into the fan. I dont see why or how this could affect it? Any suggestions? So you’re saying that you wouldn’t understand why your cell phone … Continue reading

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Ammco Tools

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Air Drying

Can I air dry my hair after putting product in then straighten it? I just wanted to know if the results will come out right if you put it in and air dry it then straighten it. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Mechanics Kit

where can I find a mechanics set? I have joined Science Olympiad and need to construct a Rube Goldberg like device. For this I need a mechanics kit. I need something strong and sturdy. I do not want any legos … Continue reading

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