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Prosperity Tool

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Oil Filter Housing

2001 Olds Aurora 3.5 oil pressure switch location. I have a new switch 12558705 but can’t find where it goes. I have a new switch part# 12558705 but can’t find where it goes. Any help is appreciated… According to the … Continue reading

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Brake Caliper

Brake caliper adjustment? I drive a 2007 gmc savana 1 ton I was wondering If there is any way to adjust the brake calipers, the pads have about 15000 km left on them and I’m losing brake performance over time … Continue reading

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Diagnostic Scanners

Fiat punto 2002 accelerates fast and revs high in first, but in all other gears it takes an age to gain speed? I have got a fiat punto 1.2 16v 2002 and in first gear it goes fast and can … Continue reading

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Battery Tender

Should I leave my battery tender hooked up all winter? I put my motorcycle away for the winter. The temps where I live can get well below zero but mostly in the teens. I was just wondering if I should … Continue reading

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6 Point Socket Set

Is it safe to use the ‘regular’ brand name 6 point sockets with impact driver? I am seeking to buy a good 6 point socket set like sidchrome or Snap-on. however I do have a few sockets that came with … Continue reading

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How do you check the temperature of an oven without an oven thermometer? I remember seeing a method that used a meat thermometer and a oven proof measuring cup w/ 1 cup of water in it. I cannot remeber the … Continue reading

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